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Episode 38: with Janie Van Hool discussing great communication and risk reduction

Today’s guest is Janie Van Hool.  She is an author, speaker, facilitator and teacher in the art of brilliant communication. She supports business leaders to connect with and inspire their people.  Janie focuses on practical ideas, tools and encouragement that create confidence, enable impactful change and shape inclusive listening cultures. She has supported and advised […]

Episode 37: with Jeff Da Costa discussing recent floods in Europe and climate change adaptation risks

Today’s guest is Jeff Da Costa.  He is a PhD researcher in Hydrometeorology at the University of Reading in the UK and a PhD Fellow at RSS-Hydro in Luxembourg.   Jeff’s research focuses on investigating the validity of linear solutions to complex risks.  Today, Dominic and Jeff discuss the recent flooding in Europe that killed nearly 200 […]

Episode 36: with Joanne St Louise discussing this week’s earthquake in Haiti

Today’s guest is Joanne St Louis. She speaks with us about the situation in Haiti just after this week’s devastating earthquake, as well as the recent assassination of the Haitian President, Covid, high levels of gang violence, and an approaching tropic storm! Joanne is an experienced Health Program Manager with 18 years contributing to community […]

Episode 35: with Nathan Mullins discussing unfolding events in Afghanistan

Today’s guest is Nathan Mullins and he is joining us to discuss evolving events in Afghanistan.  Nathan has international and domestic experience in management and resourcing of operations in unstable, difficult environments in contested areas and difficult, austere circumstances. My background is in military special operations, policing, commercial and humanitarian access and security and I’ve […]

Episode 34: with Zeynep Alemdar, Professor of Political Science and International Relations discussing gender and women in foreign policy

Zeynep Alemdar is professor of Political Science and International Relations at Okan University, Istanbul, where she also acts as Dean of the Faculty of Business and Administrative Sciences and the Gender Studies Research Center. She has extensive experience in promoting gender equality in Turkey, working with public and private actors; international organizations including  UNWomen, World […]

Episode 33: with Mark Elliot, former CIA Case Officer and current CEO of Comar Cyber, discussing risks around the world

Mark Elliott currently works as founder and CEO of Comar Cyber a human factors cyber security training and consulting company that offers training at the intersection of cyber operations, human intelligence, and counterintelligence.  Prior to that, he served as a career CIA Case Officer specializing in human intelligence (HUMINT) collection and cyber operations in various […]

Episode 32: with Frank Versteegh, airshow pilot and Red Bull air racing pilot discussing risk and preparation

Frank Versteegh has been an Airshow and Red Bull Air Race pilot and with over 43 years of aviation experience, this legend offers a wide range of services to individuals and corporations.  He has flown more than 180 types of aircraft and flew more than 1450 airshows in 40 countries. As one of the very […]

Episode 31: with Ron Worley, author from Ditches to Riches, discussing risk and values

Ron Worley is a successful business owner, real estate investor, mentor, and self-made millionaire who follows his own code, The Worley Way. He is a proud dad and husband living in Colorado. He refused to accept his early situation and took action that lead to a life-changing reality. His ability to understand the environment, measure […]

Episode 29: with Daniel Bracken from Pitch It discussing entrepreneurial and start-up business risk

Founder at Pitch It, the gateway to the start-up world. Daniel brings together founders, mentors, and investors from all parts of the world to share ideas about business, risk, and entrepreneurialism . Pitch It is a platform and media source that focuses on helping all players in the start-up ecosystem connect around world- changing ideas […]