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Women’s Rights and the Risks with Taliban Rule

After the US withdrew its forces, the Taliban was quick to take over Afghanistan and establish their new government. Their rule became a nightmare for Afghanis as they have been oppressed and abused by the new government. The Taliban has been neglecting civilian rights and freedoms including women’s rights and freedom of speech. The international […]

Episode 107: The Risks for Women in Afghanistan

In this week’s episode, Dominic Bowen speaks with Pashtana Durrani about the Afghan situation and women’s education and how has the crisis effected Afghan girls across the country. Moreover, Dominic discuss with Pashtana on her thoughts and experience as an Afghan woman and how she has proceeded with her initiatives to spread education through her […]

Taliban Advances in Afghanistan

Taliban Advances in Afghanistan and the Associated Risks Internationally Taliban advances across all of Afghanistan in the last two weeks has brought the risk of devastating consequences to everyone’s attention. In just eight days, the Taliban has taken control of nearly all of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces.  On this week’s International Risk Podcast, our Host Dominic […]