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Existing bias in The Liberal International Order

The construction of The International Liberal Order has allowed for bias and dominance in the international realm to favour some states over others. Understanding the risks which having a structural international hierarchy has, particularly in the wake of the recent emergence of authoritarian governance and influence inside The Liberal International Order in opposition to the […]

Episode 108: Neil Melvin on the Liberal International Order

The International Risk Podcast is a weekly podcast for senior executives, board members and risk advisors. In these podcasts, we speak with risk management specialists from around the world. Our host is Dominic Bowen, one of Europe’s leading international risk specialists. Having spent the last 20 years successfully establishing large and complex operations in the […]

Neil Melvin

Dr Neil Melvin is Director International Security Studies at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI). His current research is focused on emerging international security dynamics in key regions around the world, notably Europe and Eurasia, the Gulf and Middle East, East Africa and the Horn, and the Indo-Pacific.  Prior to joining RUSI, Dr Melvin was […]