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Episode 105: Aisha Jumaan on the Health Crisis in Yemen

The International Risk Podcast is a weekly podcast for senior executives, board members and risk advisors. In these podcasts, we speak with risk management specialists from around the world. Our host is Dominic Bowen, one of Europe’s leading international risk specialists. Having spent the last 20 years successfully establishing large and complex operations in the […]

The Reproductive Healthcare Crisis in Yemen

The following article discuss the unequal effects healthcare deterioration has had on women and children in Yemen, specifically reproductive health. Through highlighting how the current escalation of the health crisis in Yemen has effected health infrastructure disproportionatley for women, the extent to which the conflict and lack of international aid has placed millions of lives […]

Aisha Jumaan

Aisha Jumaan, MPH, PhD, is an independent consultant coordinating health projects in Yemen. Dr Jumaan has over 30 years of experience in public health, including in viral vaccine preventable diseases, cancer research, maternal & child health and nutrition, and women in development. She managed the HPV vaccine project for Path and worked with the US […]