Category: Guests

Colin Pereira

Our guest for episode 54 is Colin Pereira, a pioneer who has been working on risk management models for journalists operating under threat for over two decades. He is a Director at HP Risk Management, a consultancy assisting companies and media organisations operating in fragile environments. In 2020, he launched RiskPal, a software as a […]

Anja Shortland

Our guest of episode 52 is Anja Shortland, who is a Professor of Political Economy at King’s College London. Her teaching focuses on the economics of crime and she researches the world’s trickiest trades: the resolution of hostage crises and piracy incidents, stolen and looted art, and ransomware. “Having studied civil wars and political violence, […]

Dana Motley

The guest for episode 21 is Dana Motley, the founder of Motley Matrix Business Solutions LLC providing business intelligence, cyber investigations, and social media analysis. Motley Matrix Business Solutions LLC brings 12 years’ experience in Intelligence, Reconnaissance, and Surveillance (ISR) technologies, social media intelligence (SOCMINT), open source intelligence (OSINT), digital marketing and media relations, partnered with a lifetime of volunteer work dedicated to opening doors in the name of endeavors […]

Titta Lassila

The guest for the 13th episode is Titta Lassila who has worked for different environmental organisations in Finland with themes varying from international environmental and development policy to tropical forest protection and sustainable rural development. Titta has been passionate about environmental issues since her childhood. She got a master’s degree in Environmental Biology with minor […]

Philippe Borremans

The guest for the 12th episode is Philippe Borremans, an independent Public Relations consultant specialising in Emergency Risk & Crisis Communication with over 25 years of experience. Philippe helps his clients with reputation management. As a president of the International Public Relations Association, he works on strategic communication projects for epidemic and pandemic preparedness with […]

Christina Wille

The guest for Episode 11 is the director of Insecurity Insight Christina Wille. Insecurity Insights is an international team comprised of experts based around the world providing their own unique perspective and analysis. (source) The team works with RedR and Global Interagency Security Forum (GISF) and has supported work of organisations such as International Federation […]

Jeff Gothelf

The guest for Episode 10 is an award-winning author and executive coach Jeff Gothelf. He works with big companies as a workshop facilitator on agility, transformation and innovation. “We’re looking for behaviour change in the people who are using the things that we’re making for them, that tells us that we’ve positively impacted their lives.”– […]