Erik Salvador MD

Senior Expert Consultant, Oslo

Leading the McKinsey work on Resilient Leadership & Top Team Effectiveness in Norway

Erik is a Medical Doctor, Military Psychiatrist and former Commander in the Norwegian Armed Forces.

He has served as a senior officer in the Armed Forces both in Norway and abroad in close cooperation with allied countries as well as on international joint military operations and deployments.

He is the former head of the Institute of Military Psychiatry and Combat Stress in the Norwegian Armed Forces Joint Medical Services and was the Chief Psychiatrist in the Norwegian Armed Forces, a Senior Advisor to the Joint Chiefs of Staff as well as to the UN, NATO and Nordic defense cooperation boards on Military Psychiatry and Combat Stress. He has led key projects aiding and assisting a variety of agencies with operational leadership support and crisis management.

Erik has extensive firsthand experience within tactical and strategic leadership, crisis management, leadership development and operational support.

At McKinsey he works with leadership teams and executive leaders to develop individual resilience, top team cohesion, effectiveness and performance and has worked on facilitating Top Team Effectiveness Programs for clients within various services and industries like: GEM, Energy, Private Equity and Banking.

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