Episode 2: Dr Hani Taleb the CEO of Relief Experts Association in northern Syria

Dr Hani is the Chief Executive Officer at Relief Experts Association.  Dr Hani is a doctor in dental surgery and holds degrees in orthodontics, public health and health management from Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and Damascus University.  Dr Hani ran his own successful medical company in Syria before the war.  

Dr Hani has held several senior management and leadership positions with the Syrian American Medical Society, as well as the Syrian Expatriate Medical Association, the International Rescue Committee, Relief International, and Medical Teams International, which ran extensive health programs across Syria during the war.  Today, Dr Hani leads the Relief Experts Association.

Relief Experts Association employs 850 people in northern Syria, most of which are public health outreach staff fighting Covid in conflict zones controlled by multiple actors including five foreign armies.  In an area controlled so many powerful actors, negotiation is a big part of their work. Dr Hani shares his impressions about an employer’s duty of care towards their employees, even in a war zone. Dr Hani even shares an insightful story about staff running a health clinic in a town taken over by ISIS.   

Over the last ten years, we have seen repeated reports on the use of chemical weapons in Syria. Dr Hani tells us the heartbreaking story about one of his colleagues that continue to finish a surgery during a chemical weapon attack that ultimately killed the doctor in the operating room.

Dr Hani provides some great advice and real life case studies for anyone wanting to mitigate risk in a new operational environment.

Read more about Relief Experts Association https://reliefexperts.org/ 

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