Episode 112: Jacqueline Brassey, Michiel Kruyt and Erik Salvador on Deliberate Calm

The International Risk Podcast is a weekly podcast for senior executives, board members and risk advisors. In these podcasts, we speak with risk management specialists from around the world. Our host is Dominic Bowen, one of Europe’s leading international risk specialists. Having spent the last 20 years successfully establishing large and complex operations in the world’s highest risk areas and conflict zones, Dominic now joins you to speak with exciting guests from around the world to discuss risk.

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This week, Dominic talks with Jacqueline Brassey, Michiel Kruyt and Erik Salvador on Deliberate Calm. Authors Jacqueline Brassey, Michiel Kruyt and Aaron De Smet produced Deliberate Calm to be a guide which combines psychology, neuroscience and consciousness practices with the combined experience being in an international board room and working alongside leaders around the globe to help people thrive in periods of crisis and uncertainty, combatting the adaptability paradox. 

Erik Salvador has assisted on the construction of Deliberate Calm through his experience as the former head of the Institute of Military Psychiatry and Combat Stress in the Norwegian Armed Forces Joint Medical Services and was the Chief Psychiatrist in the Norwegian Armed Forces, a Senior Advisor to the Joint Chiefs of Staff as well as to the UN, NATO and Nordic defense cooperation boards on Military Psychiatry and Combat Stress. As such he has extensive firsthand experience in combatting stress and crisis management. 

Find out more about Erik, Michiel and Jaqueline, as well as discover the Deliberate Calm book here.

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