Episode 141 – The International risks associated with EU Enlargement in the Balkans with Dr Alexander Mesarovich

In today’s episode of The International Risk Podcast, we turn our attention to the intricate and dynamic process of EU enlargement in the Balkans. The region, known for its complex political and ethnic landscape, is at a pivotal moment in its integration into the European Union. We will explore the influence of the EU’s policies on the Balkans, the socio-economic and political hurdles faced by countries in the region, and the broader geopolitical consequences of their potential accession to the EU. This discussion is timely and critical, as the stability and future of the Balkans are not just regional but also global concerns that touch on issues of democracy, security, and international cooperation. 

We are privileged to welcome Dr. Alexander Mesarovich a scholar with an extensive background in the politics of EU enlargement. Dr. Mesarovich’s research into the influence of informal political networks on accession processes provides us with a unique lens through which to examine the ongoing transformations in the Balkans. With his postdoctoral work at the European University Institute focusing on the diffusion of illiberalism and populism, Dr. Mesarovich offers invaluable insights into the current challenges and future prospects of EU enlargement policy. 

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