Episode 22: with Mira Suleimenova from the Privacy Issues

Today we are joined by Dr. Mira Suleimenova.  Mira is an international privacy and data protection consultant. Mira holds a doctoral degree in Law and worked in legal consulting focusing on international investment protection for more than a decade. 

Blending her legal background with an affinity for technology, she became an expert in international privacy. Mira is now an independent privacy and data protection consultant. Today she works with startups and tech companies, closely collaborating with developers, product designers and management teams. Putting her passion for privacy to action, Mira helps them build products with privacy in mind and supports them in navigating the complex landscape of international data protection.

 In 2019 Mira co-founded Privacy Issues, a non-profit project that started as a newsletter dedicated to the intricate connection and co-dependency between privacy and technology. Privacy Issues aims to inform technology industry professionals with no or limited knowledge of privacy laws and raise awareness about privacy by  explaining key legal and design concepts and analysing data protection developments. 

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