Episode 24: with Dominic Bowen on risk management, duty of care, and the benefits of risk monitoring

In today’s podcast, Dominic is interviewed by Harriet Tyler.  She asks Dominic questions about how he has managed risks in Yemen, Iraq, and Haiti, and how risks differ between countries and the sort of risk considerations that all people and companies should be considering, even when travelling to relatively safe places like London or Frankfurt.  This is a really fun conversation and provides some great insights into risk, risk management, and duty of care.

Dominic is an experienced leader and risk professional. A member of the Swedish Risk Management Association, Dominic has been establishing successful operations in some of the world’s most challenging environments. He is well-versed in risk controls, resilience, governance, compliance, and enterprise risk management.  Dominic now leads the international operations team at Europe’s leading risk consultancy company.  You can see more information about Dominic on The International Risk Podcast website and on LinkedIn.

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