Episode 28: with Keith Leslie discussing leadership, risks, and mentally healthy workplaces

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Keith is Chair of Samaritans in the UK & Ireland and Chair of Mental Health At Work.  Keith’s executive career was with Shell 1982-93 where he held a series of general manager roles in the UK, New Zealand, Sweden and Cyprus. He then joined the consulting firm McKinsey 1993-2006 where, as a partner, he served energy companies and government agencies on issues of strategy and operations. He moved to Deloitte 2006-17 as a partner and he served clients in Europe, North America, Africa and the Middle East, focusing on government in the fields of defence, tax, health and transport. 

Keith has led a series of charities and is committed to working to promote mentally-healthy workplaces. He was Chair at BuildAfrica 2010-15, the Mental Health Foundation 2014-20 and now Samaritans and Mental Health At Work. His wife is a NHS psychotherapist and his younger son is a NHS doctor who ran a COVID ICU through both waves.

Keith is the author of A Question of Leadership – leading organizational change in times of crisis (Bloomsbury 2021) and he regularly publishes and speaks at conferences on leadership, major projects and mental health.  Buy Keith’s book at A Question of Leadership: Leading Organizational Change in Times of Crisis: Keith Leslie: Bloomsbury Business

Keith grew up in Kirkcaldy, Scotland and graduated with first class honours in law from the University of Edinburgh, where he was elected President of the Students Association. He then took an MBA summa cum laude at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.
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