Episode 29: with Daniel Bracken from Pitch It discussing entrepreneurial and start-up business risk

Founder at Pitch It, the gateway to the start-up world. Daniel brings together founders, mentors, and investors from all parts of the world to share ideas about business, risk, and entrepreneurialism . Pitch It is a platform and media source that focuses on helping all players in the start-up ecosystem connect around world- changing ideas and bringing them to life.

At his core, Daniel, has a fire for technology, the betterment of humanity, and fun! Daniel started his first business at age 22, cutting his teeth as a people-first operations leader on tech-forward projects at companies such as Uber and Lime and is currently a consult on autonomous vehicles at Toyota. Daniel believes that life’s most important mission is bringing greatness out of oneself and as many people as possible on this journey. His goal- to light as many inner fires in other people as possible!

You can connect with Daniel at https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielcbracken

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