Episode 32: with Frank Versteegh, airshow pilot and Red Bull air racing pilot discussing risk and preparation

Frank Versteegh has been an Airshow and Red Bull Air Race pilot and with over 43 years of aviation experience, this legend offers a wide range of services to individuals and corporations.  He has flown more than 180 types of aircraft and flew more than 1450 airshows in 40 countries. As one of the very few selected pilots, he flew under the Erasmus bridge in Rotterdam and under the Chainbridge in Budapest. He has raced from all 4 corners of the globe including races in Rio de JaneiroAbu Dhabi, The Golden Horn in Istanbul, and in the Navajo territory in Monument Valley.

Frank is a perfectionist filled with passion and devotion and he has a great sense of humour. His fellow pilots describe him as ‘precise, intense and generous in his breadth of knowledge.  Nowadays Frank shares his experience with young flight instructors in Africa and speaking at corporate events as a keynote speaker.

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