Episode 49: with guests from the American Counter-Terrorism Research Institute and Storyzy

Today we are joined by two guests.  The first is Ramón Ruti from Storyzy.  He has a computer engineering background and more than 15 years of experience in leading, directing, and managing international cyber risk management projects. He is one of the cofounders of Storyzy, where he leads and supervises the technical team.  Storyzy is a French start-up founded in 2012 that developed an OSINT platform that enables analysts to detect and analyze hybrid threats such as disinformation operations and other risks to governments and businesses.  www.storyzy.com

Our second guest today is Ardian Shajkovci, who is a counter-terrorism researcher, lecturer and security analyst, with research in Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Western Europe, the Balkans, Kenya, Somalia and Central Asia. Ardian is the co-founder and director of the American Counterterrorism Targeting and Resilience Institute (ACTRI), a US-based research institute focused on studying translation left-wing, right-wing, and militant jihadi forms of political violence. He has a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration and is a lecturer at Nichols College Master of Science in Counterterrorism program and other universities.   American Counterterrorism Targeting and Resilience Institute (ACTRI)

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