Episode 50: with Dominic Bowen discussing risk assessments, China, and the USA

Today Harriet Tyler is interviewing Dominic Bowen, and they are discussing risk assessments, China, the USA, and transparency in the workplace. 

Dominic is an experienced leader and risk professional. With 20 years’ experience specialising in operational resilience and risk management, he leads and manages global risk-remediation across various industries and sectors. He has helped teams around the world plan for and respond to high-impact events, including cross-border crises, change management, natural disasters, and geopolitical turmoil. He has successfully supported countless organisations design and implement operational resilience programs and enterprise risk management frameworks.

Dominic has extensive international experience establishing high quality operational systems and structures in Yemen, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Iraq, Timor-Leste, Thailand, Tonga, Solomon Islands, Afghanistan, Philippines, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Haiti, Liberia, and Nepal.  Dominic is extremely well-versed in risk controls, resilience, governance, and compliance requirements.

Dominic has a Diploma in Public Safety, a Diploma in Security and Risk Management, a Diploma of Management, a Master’s Degree in International Relations, and currently finalizing a Master of International Law.  Connect with Dominic on LinkedIn.

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