Thammy Evans

Thammy Evans is a non-resident Senior Fellowat the GeoTech Center of the Atlantic Council and a member of its Global China Hub. She is also a Senior Research Associate of the Climate Change (In)Security Project – a collaboration between Rueben College of Oxford University and the British Army’s Centre for Historical Analysis and Conflict Research (CHACR).

Thammy has spent much of her career working in the dual areas of security sector reform and ecological security, and her diverse career spans systems sustainability, security sector reform, gender and security, public information and political advising. From meagre means raised in self-sufficient farming, she has weaved one strand of her career in and out of individual and household sustainability, community and corporate sustainability and now national and international ecological security. Spanning private, public sector, local and international NGOs, her work has taken her abroad extensively, working for and with the UN, NATO, the Geneva Centre for Security Sector Reform and Justice (DCAF), Rocky Mountain Institute (resource efficiency consulting), Global Action Plan UK, and at the forerunner of Flamingo in international market research. She has been closely involved throughout her career with strategy and doctrine development internationally as well as turning policy and strategy into concrete plans and action. As a Colonel in the UK Army Reserves, she is spending the academic year 2023/24 as a full time Member of the Global Strategy Programme at the Royal College of Defence Studies

Thammy has published with Carnegie Europe, Chatham House, British Army Review, Modern Asian Studies, and Small Wars Journal on topics of ecological and regenerative security, security sector reform, human security, China, gendered analysis, and on travel. She is a speaker and facilitator for a variety of organisations and conferences. This is her first podcast appearance.

For more information on Thammy’s work, please follow the links below

  1. Watch how final negotiations balance energy opportunity with climate insecurity risks, 12 December 2023, Atlantic Council Cop28 Live blog
  2. Ecological Security: The New Military Operational Priority for Humanitarian and Disaster Response co-authored with Gary Lewis, former regional director at UNEP, published 1 December in the book Climate Change, Conflict & (In)Security: Hot War
  3. Climate Impact Scenarios (2023, Westminster Energy Forum)
  4. Building Global Climate Security (2021, Chatham House) co-authored with Dr Patrick Shroeder, includes my original working definition of regenerative security
  5. Economic Regeneration as a Vehicle for System Resilience (2021, Carnegie Europe) co-authored with John Elkington (the ‘godfather of sustainability)

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