Episode 8: with Thomas Lahnthaler from The Crisis Compass

Today we are joined by Thomas Lahnthaler.  Starting his career volunteering in South Africa for a local NGO, Thomas has since worked in different roles for the UN, the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement, governmental organizations and the private sector. During the past 15 years, he has led crisis teams in complex contexts and volatile environments in 20+ countries on all continents including Afghanistan, South Sudan, Syria, Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea and DRC working with governments, international organisations, and businesses in both crisis response and recovery. For the past few years he ran his own business focusing on innovative crisis management, crisis leadership and communications psychology specialising in the development of high performance teams and leadership in crisis. Thomas is Co-creator and CEO of The Crisis Compass which brings together crisis management, HR, communication, as well client and stakeholder management experts from various industries in readily assisting companies navigate through a crisis by using it as a means of reinvention.

Read more about Thomas at LinkedIn Thomas Lahnthaler | LinkedIn and at Home (thecrisiscompass.com).

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