Author: Laura Siegler

Episode 110: Aela Callan on Training Journalists Reporting in High-risk Areas

The International Risk Podcast is a weekly podcast for senior executives, board members and risk advisors. In these podcasts, we speak with risk management specialists from around the world. Our host is Dominic Bowen, one of Europe’s leading international risk specialists. Having spent the last 20 years successfully establishing large and complex operations in the […]

Episode 99: Chris Desai and the Impact of Fast Fashion on the World and Environement

This week, Dominic speaks with Chris Desai  about the risk associated with fast fashion, and the negative impact the use of polyester in clothing has on the environment. Chris Desai talks about how slow Fashion encourages people to buy better-quality garments that will last longer, while valuing fair treatment of people involved in the process. […]

Episode 97: Syed Wajid on the Floods in Pakistan

In this episode, Dominic Bowen speaks with Syed Wajid, a humanitarian with more than 30 years experience with emergency and humanitarian response activities, supporting people affected by natural and man-made disasters in Pakistan. Pakistan is a country rich in cultural and political history, and also humanitarian crises Pakistan has a history of facing a variety […]

Episode 93: Rachel Reese on Trans & Non-binary Inclusive Work Environment

In this epiode, Dominic Bowen speaks with Rachel Reese about Trans & Non Binary Inclusivity in the work space. Rachel gives insightful advices to companies on how to create a safer, more inclusive space for gender non conforming and trangender people from recruitment to career progression stages. She reminds companies of the importance of catering […]

Episode 91:Nader Hashemi on the Current Unrest in Iran

In this episode, Dominic speaks with Nader Hashemi, the director of the Center for Middle East Studies, about the international significance of the current unrest in Iran following the Following the death of Mahsa Amini, arrested by local police on charges of not correctly wearing the hijab. Nader Hashemi’s research interests lie at the intersection […]

Episode 90: Lorenzo Cordogno on the Italian Economy and Financial Markets Post-Election

In this episode, Dominic speaks to Lorenzo Cordogno, founder of Lorenzo Codogno Macro Advisors and visiting professor at the London School of Economics and Political Science on the risks associated with financial markets, Teconomy and geopolitic in Italy post-election. Lorenzo is the author of several articles on academic journals, newspapers and books, speaker at conferences, […]

Lorenzo Cordogno

Mr Codogno’s main research interests include European integration and economic governance, especially related to economic reforms, the Europe 2020 strategy, the European semester and the fiscal framework; European and national strategies to enhance competitiveness, productivity and economic growth and growth theory; public finances, sustainability of public debt, EMU bond market developments and more broadly European […]

Giovanni Capoccia

Giovanni Capoccia is Professor of Comparative Politics at the University of Oxford, as well as a researcher. In particular, he focuses on democratization, political extremism, theories of institutional development, and European politics. He is also the author of two monographs: “Defending Democracy: Response to Extremism in Interwar Europe” and “The Historical Turn in Democratization Studies. […]

Episode 89: Giovanni Capoccia on the Italian General Election

In this episode, Giovanni Capoccia shares his thoughts with Dominic about the recent elections and the victory of the Meloni coalition in Italy. They discuss the rise of euroscepticism, political disenfranchisement and politics of immigration. Giovanni Capoccia is Professor of Comparative Politics at the University of Oxford, as well as a researcher. In particular, he […]

Roz Etwaria

Roz Ewtaria is a Equity Diversity & Inclusivity Consultant at and a social justice practicioner. She is also a Freelance Broadcaster and Producer at Galaxy Radio and Starradiouk Her public speaking specialties are Childhood Sexual Abuse, Black Lives Matter, and Well-Being Testimonials. She is a trauma expert delivering presentations on mental health wellbeing. She […]