Episode 110: Aela Callan on Training Journalists Reporting in High-risk Areas

The International Risk Podcast is a weekly podcast for senior executives, board members and risk advisors. In these podcasts, we speak with risk management specialists from around the world. Our host is Dominic Bowen, one of Europe’s leading international risk specialists. Having spent the last 20 years successfully establishing large and complex operations in the world’s highest risk areas and conflict zones, Dominic now joins you to speak with exciting guests from around the world to discuss risk.

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This week, Dominic talks with with Aela Callan about the training techniques for journalists who work in high risk areas and war zones . Together, they address training gaps for journalists, incuding freelancers and their support staff working in the field, and discuss innovative training approaches that place wellbeing at the centre of risk management. Aela Callan is co-Founder of Head Set: a company that uses immersive technologies to help people prepare physically and emotionally for working in hostile environments. Aela spent two decades as a journalist and documentary filmmaker working in south east Asia and Australia on issues around conflict, gender, environment and politics.

If you’d like to learn more about Aela Callan you can do so here and here.

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