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International Law and its applications to current risks

During The International Risk Podcast discussion with Will Clapton, the topic of anticipatory self-defence was discussed.  International self-defence is complex, but the prohibition of the use of force, has remained clear and undeniable since 1945. Customary International Law (CIL) right to anticipatory self-defence no longer exists in the UN era and cannot be justified as a permissible use of force under […]

Risks to Mozambique: growing Islamic State insurgences

Risks to Mozambique’s population The risk landscape in Mozambique continues to grow significantly over the past few months. During the past year, there have been a growing number of terrorist attacks in the northern region of the country, now controlled by the Islamic State. Mozambique is one of the largest countries in the Southern African […]

International Women’s Day: The Risks of Inaction

Fighting for women’s rights This week, the world celebrated the International Women’s Day, recalling all women who fought for their human rights, the vital role of women in society and campaigning for equality between both genders throughout the world.It is true that there are many countries where genders are in many ways equal, but there […]

International emerging risks; threats to the international order

New risk: Coup d’etat in Myanmar 2020 has been a rollercoaster, a very unstable year with some unexpected events. 2021 has also started with major risk events at the international level. Of course, the assault on the United States Capitol on 06 January and the commencement of vaccinations against Covid-19 in many countries have been […]

Risk 2021

Hello 2021 and all the risks you have install for me The new year is a time to check our assumptions from last year and confirm that the plan for 2021 is still looking good.  It is important to ensure you reflect on all the successes you had, and remember to consider all the security […]