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Risk and prediction in different field

The value of prediction in business planning The value of a prediction is not accuracy. The value of prediction and scenario planning is the reasoning and conversation that the prediction catalyzes. And let’s recognize that predictions can also be self-fulfilling prophecies. And of course, predictions are more fun when you’re correct. However, it’s likely more […]

Online Risk and Information Security

How do I stay safe online? At The International Risk Podcast, we are regularly asked by senior leaders about online safety and security risks.  Most people know that the internet can be a high-risk environment for individuals and companies, and it is not just the banking and finance sector that faces serious risks.  Hackers, thieves, spammers, and other threat actors […]

Attention risk leaders! 2021 Potential risks

Attention risk leaders! Whilst some companies were blessed in 2020 with a growth accelerant, many companies – perhaps the majority – were focused on repositioning, recalibration, risk-reassessment and survival.  The most successful companies, be it companies whose success can be measured on their ability to survive, or for those companies with positive balance sheets, have […]