Episode 155- Cybersecurity, Its Risks, and What Business Leaders Can Do with Steve Orrin

One of the key actions companies of all sizes have to take is to ensure that their cybersecurity is constantly up to date; but for many, the true scale of the risks surrounding poor cybersecurity remain largely unknown;

so to help us unpack the risks and opportunities associated with cybersecurity, we are thrilled to be joined by Steve Orrin.

Steve Orrin is Intel’s Federal CTO and a Senior Principal Engineer.Steve is a cybersecurity expert, and a leading authority on Public Sector/Federal mission and enterprise systems and solutions. He is the Intel representative to on security standards and guidance and has contributed to several NIST standards and guidance publications. He is a fellow at the Center for Advanced Defense Studies and the chair of the Int Nat SseA alliance Cyber Committee. 

Links to some of the resources Steve mentions in this episode can be found here:

NIST SP 800-207 – Zero Trust Architecture


NIST Implementing a Zero Trust Architecture – Practice Guide (Vol A-E)


ESF: Securing the Software Supply Chain for Customers – Part 1


ESF: Securing the Software Supply Chain: Recommended Practices for Software Bill of Materials Consumption – Part 2


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