Episode 156: The Risks and Opportunities of Modern Immigration Technologies with Petra Molnar

At the international risk podcast we strive to uncover the different facets of the world of risk we find ourselves in. But these risks do not occur in a vacuum. Today we are in a permicrisis, and year after year we hear about how the climate crisis is tightening its grip on the earth’s natural resources, and threatens the balance of the natural world. Similarly, both new and long-existing conflicts all over the world negatively affect geopolitics, and all over the world, both governments and civilians find themselves more and more at risk of economic decline.

The interconnectedness of the modern world means that these crisis are again not isolated. Some of these factors have contributed to an increasing number of people seeking refuge in other countries. According to the UNHCR, More than 114 million people have been forcibly displaced worldwide as a result of persecution, conflict, violence or human rights violations. We are now witnessing the highest levels of displacement on record. To discuss the international risks associated with the refugee crisis, we are thrilled to be joined by Petra Molnar.

Petra Molnar is a lawyer and anthropologist specialising in migration and human rights. Petra has worked all over the world including Jordan, Turkey, Philippines, Kenya, Colombia, US/Mexico, Canada, Palestine, and various parts of Europe. She is the co-creator of the Migration and Technology Monitor, a collective of civil society, journalists, academics, and filmmakers interrogating technological experiments on people crossing borders. She co-directs the Refugee Law Lab at York University and is a Faculty Associate at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University. Petra’s first book, The Walls Have Eyes: Surviving Migration in The Age of Artificial Intelligence, is published with The New Press in 2024.

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