Episode 163: The Rwanda Bill and the Externalisation of EU Migration Policies with Mireia Faro Sarrats

Recent statistics show the UK’s migration is at a record high. In April 2022, the British government stated that any asylum seeker entering the UK ‘illegally’, from a ‘safe’ country, such as France, could be sent to Rwanda to have their asylum claims processed there rather than in the UK. If these claims were successful, they could be granted refugee status and allowed to stay in Rwanda. If not, they could apply to settle in Rwanda on other grounds or seek asylum in another safe third country. Despite being deemed unlawful by the UK Supreme Court in November 2023 as a breach of the European Convention on Human Rights, the safety of Rwanda Bill was passed on April 22nd of this year, meaning the first deportation flight to Rwanda could take off as early as July 1st. Now this bill remains extremely contentious with many experts claiming the bill is doomed for failure. We are thrilled to be joined by one of these experts today, Mireia Faro Sarrats

Mireia Faro Sarrats is the communications officer at the European Council on Foreign Relations.

Previously, she worked as a communications officer at the European Institute of the Mediterranean, a public affairs officer at the United States Consulate General in Barcelona, and in the communications department of the European Agency for Fundamental Rights in Vienna.

She holds a BA degree in journalism from the Universitat Ramon Llull – Blanquerna and an MA in human rights, democracy and globalisation, from the Open University of Catalunya.

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