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Episode 147: The International Risks of Human Trafficking and People Smuggling with Roy McComb

A few weeks ago, we spoke to Nathan Paul Southern, who gave us a deep dive into the links transnational criminal organisations have to China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Transnational crime is a topic so vast, it would be an injustice to only cover one aspect of it, given  its impact on international risk. Today, […]

Episode 146: The International Risks and Opportunities of the Future of ESG in Business with Chris Coulter

As we have seen in the recent COP28 conference, and our episode with Valentina Lira, the nature of business for both leaders and stakeholders is vastly different to what it used to be at the start of the millennium. The rising importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance issues  for businesses brings opportunities and risks and […]

Episode 145: The International Risks of the 2023 Serbian Election with Dr Alexander Mesarovich

Parliamentary elections were held in Serbia on 17 December 2023 to elect members of the National Assembly. While they were initially scheduled to be held by 30 April 2026, Aleksandar Vučić, the president of Serbia, called a snap election in November 2023, after previously announcing that snap elections could be either held in 2023 or […]

Episode 144 – The International Risks of Transnational Organised Crime in South East Asia with Nathan Paul Southern

In this episode, we take a deep dive into the criminal underpinnings of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, as well as uncovering some of the lesser known transnational crimial activities taking place across South East Asia. We are thrilled to be joined by Nathan Paul Southern, an investigative journalist, a PhD Candidate at the University […]

Episode 143 – The International Risks of the Climate Crisis with Thammy Evans

Thammy Evans a non-resident senior fellow with the Atlantic Council’s GeoTech Center, will help us explore this interesting area of international risk. Thammy’s career spans two decades, encompassing roles within government, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector. Her expertise in security and justice sector reform is particularly relevant with the current global conflicts and climate-related […]

Episode 142 – A Reflection on the International Risks and Opportunities of the ESG discussions at COP28 with Valentina Lira

We are thrilled to be joined today by Valentin’s Lira. Valentina is an Industrial Engineer from the University of Chile, with a postgraduate degree in Environmental Economics from the University of California Berkeley. She worked as a Development Engineer at CMPC Holding and as Director of the Development and Conservation Program of Fundación Chile, achieving the […]

Episode 141 – The International risks associated with EU Enlargement in the Balkans with Dr Alexander Mesarovich

In today’s episode of The International Risk Podcast, we turn our attention to the intricate and dynamic process of EU enlargement in the Balkans. The region, known for its complex political and ethnic landscape, is at a pivotal moment in its integration into the European Union. We will explore the influence of the EU’s policies […]

Episode 140 – The International Risks of the Fukishima Waste Water Release with Zion Lights

Today we are joined by Zion Lights, a passionate science advocate and writer who wants to change the world for the better. She is the author of the book The Ultimate Guide to Green Parenting, the nature poetry book Only a Moment, and was a former spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion. She was the UK director […]

Episode 139 – The International risks associated with Russia’s Agression in Ukraine

Today, our podcasted is hosted by Ben Lawson, Intern at the International Risk Podcast, as we talk to Dominic Bowen. Every week we hear about the work Dominic does in the world of international risk, and in every episode Dominic shares some of his knowledge about international risk, to contextualise the questions he asks his […]

Episode 138: The International Risks and Opportunities of the BRICS Expansion with Professor Bruce Jones

Today we are thrilled to be joined by Professor Bruce Jones, a senior fellow with the Strobe Talbott Center for Security, Strategy, and Technology in the Foreign Policy program at the Brookings Institution. His research expertise and policy experience are in international security, with his current research focusing on US strategy, international order, and great […]