Episode 148: The International Risks Associated with Corporate Reputation with Rupert Younger

In recent podcasts, we have talked a lot about ESG, and the corporate responsibilities companies must take into account in their day-to-day working. The ways in which consumers view companies has changed dramatically over the last two decades, and corporate reputation is more important than ever, and reputations and brands are scrutinized than ever before. To help us unpack the importance of corporate reputation, as well as the risks companies can incur by not upholding a positive reputation, we are honoured to be joined by Rupert Younger.

Rupert Younger is the founder and director of Oxford University’s Centre for Corporate Reputation and co-author of two books – The Reputation Game and The Activist Manifesto. He has published widely on matters related to legitimacy, status, stigma, celebrity, reputation, and trust. He chaired The University of Oxford’s Socially Responsible Investment Committee (2012-2017) and is a member of the Senior Common Rooms at Wooster College Oxford and St Antony’s College Oxford. His views are regularly featured in major news outlets including the BBC, CNN, the Financial Times, and The Wall Street Journal. Outside of Oxford, he is an Ambassador for the international mine clearance charity The HALO Trust and was appointed by HM Queen Elizabeth II as her High Sheriff of Hampshire for 2013-14. Rupert also co-founded the strategic communications consulting firm FGS Global.

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