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The guest for Episode 10 is an award-winning author and executive coach Jeff Gothelf. He works with big companies as a workshop facilitator on agility, transformation and innovation.

“We’re looking for behaviour change in the people who are using the things that we’re making for them, that tells us that we’ve positively impacted their lives.”
– Jeff Gothelf for The International Risk Podcast

Jeff Gothelf started his career as a designer and over the years he has worked as an information architect, design team leader, product manager, founder, trainer, coach and consultant. (source)

He is an award-winning author of four books: Lean UX (together with Josh Seiden), Sense & Respond (also with J. Seiden), Lean vs. Agile vs. Design Thinking, and his newest publication Forever Employable.

After writing Lean UX and Sense & Respond together with Josh Seiden, they founded Sense & Respond Press.

Sense & Respond Press publishes books written by experts in the field of innovation, digital transformation, product management, and design. (source) The goal is to bring customer-centric, evidence-based decision making and agility back into corporate cultures. (source)

“It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s okay to be wrong. And it’s important to go find out if you’re wrong or not. The majority of the organizations that I work with, do not espouse those qualities.”
– Jeff Gothelf for The International Risk Podcast

Today Jeff works as a consultant to large organizations struggling with their digital transformation, increasing their agility and integrating good product management and User Experience practices into their ways of working. (source)

You can read more about Jeff Gothelf and his work on:

See more at Sense & Respond ( and see Jeff’s latest book here: (1) Post | Feed | LinkedIn

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