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The Ukraine War: Balancing Economic Risk and Global Security in the Oil Arena

Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 marked a pivotal moment in history and international risk. The assault, orchestrated by President Putin, swiftly escalated into the largest European conflict since World War II, with the legacy of that dark period in which 50 million lives catapulted from our collective memory to the present. On […]

For Ukraine’s Women, the Risk of Rape Has Skyrocketed

 By its very nature, conflict transforms territories into arenas of international risk. For well over a year, the ongoing war waged by Russian President Vladimir Putin against Russia’s former Soviet territory, Ukraine, has allowed the world to witness this transformation first-hand.   For the hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian and Russian men drafted into the war, […]

Episode 129: Nerida Williams on the Gendered Dynamics of the Ukraine war

In today’s episode, we are joined by Nerida Williams. Nerida has over thirteen years of experience as a media and communications specialist in the humanitarian and development sectors, including with the United Nations and several INGOs. Currently, Nerida works as the International Planned Parenthood Federation’s Senior Humanitarian Communications Advisor. IPPF is the world’s largest sexual and reproductive […]

Nerida Williams

Nerida Williams has over thirteen years experience as a media and communications specialist in the humanitarian and development sectors, including with the United Nations and several INGOs. Her field experiences include Ghana, Lebanon, Nepal, Somaliland, Sri Lanka, Vanuatu, Tonga, Indonesia, India, Palestine, Kiribati, Sudan, the Cook Islands, the Maldives, and most recently to the Ukrainian […]

Episode 107: The Risks for Women in Afghanistan

In this week’s episode, Dominic Bowen speaks with Pashtana Durrani about the Afghan situation and women’s education and how has the crisis effected Afghan girls across the country. Moreover, Dominic discuss with Pashtana on her thoughts and experience as an Afghan woman and how she has proceeded with her initiatives to spread education through her […]

Episode 73: JP Richardson on the potential of cryptocurrency

In this episode, we talk to JP Richardson, founder and CEO of the crypto wallet company, Exodus. JP discusses some of the main risks and fears associated with cryptocurrency and explains what needs to be done for cryptocurrency to reach mainstream potential. Only then, can the benefits of cryptocurrency like decentralization and independence be reaped […]

Jaroslava Barbieri

Currently a doctoral researcher at the University of Birmingham (UK) and a researcher at the Arena Programme at John Hopkins University, Jara obtained her MPhil in European Politics from Oxford and also holds an MSc in Political Theory from LSE and a BA in Philosophy from Sapienza University of Rome. Her doctoral research focuses on […]

Episode 72 : Jaroslava Barbieri on the Ukraine-Russia Conflict

In this episode of The International Risk Podcast, we speak to Jaroslava Barbieri, a doctoral researcher looking at Russia’s involvement in post-Soviet de factor states and related challenges to conflict resolution. She is currently a researcher at the Arena Programme at John Hopkins University and her research interests lie in the EU’s foreign and neighborhood […]

Episode 71: With Sergio Caredda discussing the role of HR in the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Sergio Caredda, an HR Professional that believes in the human side of HR. Sergio Caredda currently works for OVS SpA as Chief People Officer and has substantial experience in HR across multiple functions, both in business and in consulting. He recently launched a page to collaboratively collect resources that, from an HR perspective, can support […]

The international risk of climate change

What are the facts about the international risks of climate change? The facts of climate change and the international risk this bring are undisputable. The concentration of carbon diaxide in earth’s atmosphere is the highest it has even been.  And average global temperatures in 2020 where one degree higher than the average in the 20th […]