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Episode 100: Nick Outlaw on Effective Leadership in Risk Management

In this episode, Dominic speaks with Nick Outlaw about effective leadership in Risk Management. Nick Outlaw is a leadership and organisational development specialist, with over 20 years of experience supporting multinational companies governments and humanitarian organisations on the frontline of major crises. He has been working with clients around the world and had the opportunity […]

Erik Salvador MD

Senior Expert Consultant, Oslo Leading the McKinsey work on Resilient Leadership & Top Team Effectiveness in Norway Erik is a Medical Doctor, Military Psychiatrist and former Commander in the Norwegian Armed Forces. He has served as a senior officer in the Armed Forces both in Norway and abroad in close cooperation with allied countries as […]

Michiel Kruyt

Michiel Kruyt is a board room consultant with deep expertise in top team development, performance transformations and leadership development. He has been the CEO of IMAGINE, an advisory firm focused on creating purpose driven future fit visions, culture and leadership. Michiel had a fifteen-year career at McKinsey and Co, where he was a partner focusing […]

The Reproductive Healthcare Crisis in Yemen

The existing health crisis in Yemen has been escalated through conflict, climate change and lack of international aid. Embedded inside the Yemeni health crisis exists an unequal deterioration of healthcare infrastructure and support related to women, specifically reproductive health, which has been motivated by the societal gender disparity which existed pre-conflict. Healthcare Crisis Yemen remains […]

Aisha Jumaan

Aisha Jumaan, MPH, PhD, is an independent consultant coordinating health projects in Yemen. Dr Jumaan has over 30 years of experience in public health, including in viral vaccine preventable diseases, cancer research, maternal & child health and nutrition, and women in development. She managed the HPV vaccine project for Path and worked with the US […]

Episode 104: Serap Dalmizrak on the Turkey-Syria Earthquake

This week, Dominic Bowen speaks with Serap Dalmizrak about the devastation in Turkey following the multiple earthquakes that have taken place in recent days, with the 7.8 magnitude earthquake on February 6th causing the majority of the damage. They explore the situation on the ground, tales of survival, the second-order risks, how well prepared Turkey […]

US and China, Battle of the Global Superpowers

Once partners, the US and China are now each other’s chief adversaries. Over the past decade, relations between these two powerful nations have deteriorated due to opposing governance styles, human rights concerns, and practices – like economic activities – which do not abide to the rules-based order that the US and many western countries advocate […]

Episode 103: Michael Schuman on US-China Relations, Tensions in the Indo-Pacific and the Chinese Economy

This week, Dominic Bowen speaks with Michael Schuman about US-China relations, rising tensions in the Indo-Pacific region and the Chinese economy. They explore the competition and rising tensions between the US and China, Xi Jinping’s assertiveness in the Indo-Pacific region, as well as China’s stagnating economy.  Michael Schuman is a nonresident senior fellow in the […]

Michael Schuman

Michael Schuman is a nonresident senior fellow in the Atlantic Council’s Global China Hub and an author and journalist with more than 25 years of experience in Asia. Currently a contributing writer to The Atlantic, he was previously a foreign correspondent for the Wall Street Journal and Time magazine. His most recent book is Superpower Interrupted: The Chinese History of the […]