Building resilience into your business

Understanding the global risk landscape is key to success

The companies that are steering through Q2 confidently are more agile and hopefully more aware of the international risk landscape than they were earlier. The business and social landscape has changed a lot in the last 18 months and companies need a new level of resilience. Our business and social contracts are now different, as are our consumer and employee expectations about social responsibility, diversity, environment, and many other critically important issues.

Change will continue, and likely at a faster and from many different directions. Resilience and foresight will be critical for companies wanting to remain agile and have a competitive advantage over their rivals. Whether it is the number of natural disasters each year, the type of information security risks, geopolitical risks, or the IMF’s world uncertainty index, the message is clear: disruptions are more frequent and more ferocious than 20 years ago.

Understanding and monitoring the global risk environment is critical to building genuine and lasting organisational and operational resilience. How well is your organisation positioned and practiced at anticipation? Do you have the global risk monitoring and strategic foresight in place to anticipate and pivot with evolving disruptions?  Listen to all of our great episodes on international risk to learn more about what you can do.

The International Risk Podcast resilience and risk monitoring

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