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Episode 9: with Colin McIreavy from the International Rescue Committee

Today we are joined by Colin McIlreavy.  Colin started his career in the oil sector but shifted towards the humanitarian sector soon. Colin has yet contributed as a Country Director to many of the most critical international conflicts such as Rwanda right after the genocide. He has also worked with the MSF and Doctors Without […]

Episode 8: with Thomas Lahnthaler from The Crisis Compass

Today we are joined by Thomas Lahnthaler.  Starting his career volunteering in South Africa for a local NGO, Thomas has since worked in different roles for the UN, the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement, governmental organizations and the private sector. During the past 15 years, he has led crisis teams in complex contexts and volatile environments […]

Özge Togay – program manager in Libya, Tunisia, Turkey, and Syria

Today we are joined by Özge Togay.  Ozge is a humanitarian professional with a strong academic background in interdisciplinary social sciences and humanitarian action with six years of international management and risk experience. Ozge started her career in Turkey with the Danish Refugee Council. After working for several years in senior positions in Turkey, Libya […]

Cheri Hotman from the Hotman Group – governance, compliance, and risk

Today we are joined by Cheri Hotman, a Certified Public Accountant, Adjunct Professor of IT and cybersecurity, an Executive Coach, Leadership Development facilitator, and owner and principle of the Hotman Group. A previous VP in the Tech / IT space, with a career in banking, financial services, and consulting.  In addition to her CPA, and CISSP cybersecurity […]

Romi Gaspirc – security and risk in South Sudan and Iraq

Today we are joined by Romi Gaspirc, a security risk management advisor who will share her inspiring journey through the security sector. Today, Romi and I will discuss her own challenges and successes, as well as wider observations about the industry.  Romi grew up in Slovenia, ex-Yugoslavia, and acquired a MSc degree in environmental sciences in […]

Episode 4: with Nathan Mullins from Defence 247

Today we are joined by Nathan Mullins.  Nathan and I have worked together in many interesting places including Kashmir, Iraq, and Afghanistan.  We have had a lot of good times and tested the boundaries of risk.   Nathan is a decorated Australian Special Forces soldier and former Commando who served on missions to Timor Lese, Papua […]

Episode 3: with Jo De Serrano from RedR UK

Today we are joined by Jo de Serrano.  Jo specializes in capacity building, change, and program management within the humanitarian sector.  Jo is a well-respected senior manager, and she is well-versed in identifying and mitigating risk.  Jo is regularly sought after for her crisis management experience, for her background in disaster assessment and coordination, and […]

Episode 2: Dr Hani Taleb the CEO of Relief Experts Association in northern Syria

Dr Hani is the Chief Executive Officer at Relief Experts Association.  Dr Hani is a doctor in dental surgery and holds degrees in orthodontics, public health and health management from Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and Damascus University.  Dr Hani ran his own successful medical company in Syria before the war.   Dr Hani has […]

Episode 1: From Syria to Afghanistan and Libya with Fadi El Khatib

Today we are joined by Fadi El Khatib. After working on political and security context analysis with international research groups and think tanks, Fadi joined MSF / Doctors without Borders, to complement our crisis management team working on a high profile kidnappings in northern Syria. Since then, he has worked with multiple organisations in Security […]